Tuesday, June 3, 2014

7 Days of Color Day 2: Orange!

 On our second day, i'll be doing orange DIYs, since orange comes after red. Okay, I don't know whether i'll end up having a lot of halloween-ish posts on this or not, but i'll try not to.

These are adorable, and i'm sure they smell great!

There are many different ways to make candles out of oranges, apparently; and filling them with beeswax is one of them! I had to include this second tutorial, since this one is more likely to last longer and you can scent the beeswax with oils. 

These are actually an etsy listing, but you could easily tie-dye a headband orange using the same method as a t-shirt. 

This orange and red dreamcatcher can be made using the same instructions as those for a basic dreamcatcher, which I have linked to. 

This blogger says that this cake is one of her most requested summer recipes; and I believe it. This looks so good!

This is a copycat recipe of the Arby's Orange Cream Shake. It's a very simple recipe that i'm skeptical of, but why not try it?

A tutorial on how to can oranges the easy way, without all of the added preservatives and processed gunk of store bought cans. 

This hook rack could be used for a number of things: necklaces storage, headbands, jacket hangers, key ring holders, the possibilities are endless.

This twisted pearls bracelet is absolutely adorable, and could be incorporated into a headband or necklace as well. 

The safety pin print is adorable, and you could make many different patterns- use seashells, buttons, ribbon, stickers; anything goes! And then you can transform the fabric into a cute purse like this one, or even a skirt or curtain. 

This scrub doesn't look orange, but it is orange scented, and I am dying to make it. 

There we go; 12 DIY tutorials in the color orange. And look at that, no halloween stuff! Orange is such a pretty color; have fun making your orange crafts/recipes. c:

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      -The Artistic Bibliophile

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