Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Days of Color Day 1: Red!

       If you don't know what's going on yet, i'm doing 7 Days of Color. Read about it in my post explaining it: 7 Days of Color
Day 2: Orange!
        On to Day 1 of our week of color! I've decided to go in rainbow order with these, so today, I'm posting red. Most of these DIYs are centered around Valentine's Day- because that's obviously the holiday you would most need red for. But, don't worry; i've included non-lovey-dovey things, too.

First on this list is a Maraschino Cherry Cake. Technically, I have made this before, but I have decided to include it in the post anyway as I haven't done a post about it yet. I will get to this eventually, because it was absolutely amazing and I baked it for Mother's Day this year. Definitely worth trying. 

Since we're celebrating the color red, of course I had to include a tutorial for the perfect red lips, since that is a popular trend right now. I can't say i'll try it myself anytime soon, but for anyone who would like to, this post includes links to other tutorials as well.

During my quest for all things red, I am dutifully avoiding red velvet cake recipes. However, I cannot completely avoid red velvet flavored recipes. Especially those involving chocolate.

These are intended more for the sort of children's parties, but I just think they're so adorable, I had to post them. 

Okay, last red velvet recipe, I promise. It just looks so tasty; I have to try it sometime.

I looked everywhere for a good tutorial for this. Everywhere. The one I found didn't have a great picture, so I borrowed the picture from a post on pinterest, and linked to the good tutorial.  There are a number of ways to go about making these, and each one is different. Just have fun making it your own c:

These pillows are just so cute, I can't wait to make them. 

I found both of these photos on Pinterest and couldn't decide which to post, because if I were to do them i'd combine both. So, I've posted both pictures, and linked to the only one with a tutorial.

There you go, 8 DIYS featuring the color red. Hope you enjoy! 

                                                                      -The Artistic Bibliophile

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